1. A.J. Roach Revelation (Waterbug)

 2. Duncan Earl Walters Guardian (Spent Round)  

 3. Mimmo Sparacio Yesnabi (Morning Star)  

 4. Nina Gerber Good Music With Good People (Goatscape Music)

 5. Charlie Sizemore Band Good News (Rounder)

 6. Honkytonk Homeslice Honkytonk Homeslice (SCI Fidelity)

 7. Peter Cooper Cautionary Tales (CoraZong)

 8. VV.AA. The Fine Art Of Music (CoraZong)

 9. Chingon Mexican Spaghetti Western (Continental Song City)

10. Cowboy Jack & The North County Cowboys Take One (Comstock)

11. John Hammond Push Comes To Shove (Jopama)

12. Nick Charles New Kind Of Feeling (Blackmarket Music)  

13. The Derailers Under The Influence Of Buck (Palo Duro)  

14. Tony Hobo Parks Just Over The Rainbow (Plantation)  

15. Bill Wence Songs From The Rocky Fork Tavern (615 Records)

16. VV.AA. Old Town School Of Folk Music Songbook, Vol. 2 & 3 (Old Town

17. Tony Coleman Bonjour Mr. Coleman (Station Rock)

18. Eric Uglum/Christian Ward/Austin Ward The Old Road To Jerusalem