1. Beppe Gambetta – Slade Stomp (Too Much)

 2. Big Fat Mama – I Been Around (New LM)  

 3. The Stairwell Sisters – Feet All Over The Floor (Yodel-Ay Hee)  

 4. Sally Jones – Songs About Us (Gal Sal Music)

 5. Billy Sharff – No Return From Snockville (Own Label)

 6. Lisa O’Kane – It Don’t Hurt (New Light Entertainment)

 7. Chris Towzey – Rockin’ At The Stoplight (Own Label)

 8. Michael Packer Blues Band – Bleecker Bowery (Halt Music)

 9. Warren Zevon – Prelude: Rare And Unreleased Recordings (New West)  

 10. Danni Leigh – Quarter Over You (AGR Television)

11. Eliza Gilkyson – Your Town Tonight (Red House)

12. VV.AA. – Beyond Six Strings (Harp Guitar Music)