1. Dan Israel Turning (Eclectone)

 2. John Lilly Haunted Honky Tonk (John Lilly Music)

 3. Pete Hicks Home Is You (Comstock)

 4. Smiling Jack Smith This Blue Before (Root Cellar)

 4. A.G. Weinberger Nashville Calling (Big Foot)

 6. Arlo Guthrie In Times Like These (Rising Son)

 7. Inneke 23 & The Lipstick Painters Elephant Crossing (CoraZong)

 8. Carol Martini The Rose In The Boxcar (Own Label)

 9. Tom Shaka Deep Cut (Acoustic Music)  

10. Laura Bell Longing For A Place Already Gone (LAB)

11. Scott Link Coming Around (Sad Bird)

12. Tom T. Hall Sings Miss Dixie & Tom (Blue Circle)