1. Billy Lavender
Memphis Livin (I55 Productions)   

 2. Riley Weston Surrender Laughing (Riley Weston)

 3. Charlie Daniels & Friends Joy To The World: A Bluegrass Album (E1 Music)

 4. Bob Dylan Christmas In The Heart (Columbia)   

 5. 29 Mules 80 Feet Deep (29 Mules)

 6. Shannon McNally & Hot Sauce Coldwater (Shannon McNally)

 7. Roy Orbison Black & White Night (Orbison)

 8. Jessie Baker Yessir! (Patuxent Music)

 9. Vince Melamed What Matters Most (Adroit)

10. Roy Powers Firing Lane (Blues Destiny)

11. Porkbelly Futures - Porkbelly Futures (Cordova Bay)

12. Scott Miller & The Commonwealth Far Crying Out Loud (Scott Miller)