. Paul Reddick Sugar Bird (Northern Blues)       

 2. The Why & Wherefores Alright (Dusty)  

 3. Boz Boorer Miss Pearl (Vibrant)

 4. Collin Herring Past Life Crashing (Own Label)   

 5. Peter Gallway One Summer Day A Long Time Ago (Gallway Bay Music)  

 6. Stacie Rose Shotgun Daisy (Enchanted)   

 7. Carrie Clark & The Lonesome Lovers Seems So Civilized (Red Bug)  

 8. Blackberry River Band Santa Fe (Aweberry)

 9. Mighty Marith & The Meanmen To Our Disceples And Friends (Elevator



10. Starline Rhythm Boys Live At Charlie-Os World Famous (Cow Island Music)   

11. Chuck Brodsky Two Sets (Waterbug)

12. Three Dog Night Greatest Hits Live (Shout Factory)   

13. Delaney Bramlett A New Kind Of Blues (Magnolia Gold)

14. VV.AA. The Imus Ranch Record (New West)   

15. Frizzell & Friends This Is Our Time (Nashville America)

16. Piedmont Brothers Band Bordertown (RCM)  

17. Adam Levy Washing Day (Lost Wax)

18. Lou DeAdder Mister Eclectic (Start)